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Web3 authentication, NFT-based digital and IRL product marketplace, balanced global news, inclusive and community driven social media, decentralized DAO voting, and working towards the decentralization and protection of human data, imagination and liberty via interplanetary means. Buy, Support, Be Artisan | the Future is Artisan. Support our sponsor The Order of the Artisans Foundation, and support int3rPlanetary by becoming a DAO member and helping build the future.

Love & Empathy

To build the future, learn from the past and empower Artisans to venture into the future together with imagination, diligence, and most importantly, love and empathy.


Democratic Technological Innovation

To ensure that Artisans and their Patrons have access to and seize the opportunity of the Space Age and achieve long-lasting commercial sustainability through value exchange with Artisans.


Artisan Unity

We unify independent Artisans, Professionals, and Patrons, who believe in the emancipatory potential of artisanship, that is collaboration based on respect for all participants.

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Buy and sell IRL and NFT Artisan products using the Int3rPlanetay MarketPlace! Free to use, donate to sell

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``Any individual who utilizes imagination and diligence to create a product of value, STEAM.`` ~Order of the Artisans

About int3rPlanetary

An InterPlanetary MarketPlace, a Social Network, decentralized News Network, Gigs, AI support… an everything place. A place to virtually hang your feet, slip off your helmet, and visualize all your priorities; social, business, shopping, news, and more. Decentralized, interplanetary, and governed by the Artisan* community.

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