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Building the Future.


Welcome to the Int3rPlanetary DAO & Ecosystem, dedicated to exploring the decentralized and interplanetary future of blockchain technology. Join us as we dive into the Int3rPlanetary ecosystem, featuring web3 authentication, NFT-based marketplaces, inclusive social media, and more. Stay tuned for updates on our next membership drop and how you can support our mission to protect human data, imagination, and liberty. Subscribe now to join the conversation and be a part of the decentralized, sustainable, and equitable future for humanity.

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The Beta Onboarding period has now ended, and it will resume in Q4 2023 with a soft launch. This launch will encompass a wide range of initiatives, including a release of the Int3rPlantary Artisan Network & Directory, the reopening of the Int3rPlanetary MarketPlace shops and bazars, with even more decentralization, Web3 support and education, opportunities for volunteering through our commissioners, the Order of the Artisans, as well as showcasing talented artisans from our community.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and fulfilling experience for all… all voices, personalities, and unique Artisans, Professionals, and Patrons, and we look forward to welcoming both our subscribers and members of the r/thefuturecrew community on Reddit as new members during this time.

The Int3rPlanetary


INT3RCOIN (INT3R) is the v1 governance and transactional token within the Int3rPlanetary DAO and ecosystem, designed to ensure stability, fairness, and incentivize participation and growth. The value of INT3RCOIN is pegged to the UN global birthrate projections until 2170, using a mechanism that currently updated manually, automatic price sync planned for v2) adjusts the price of the token in response to changes in birth rates. This ensures that the value of INT3RCOIN reflects the overall health and prosperity of humanity. To ensure stability and avoid wild fluctuations in price, the value of INT3RCOIN is also hedged using internal and external life insurance products that pay both member beneficiaries and the Int3rPlanetary Treasury. This provides a layer of security against unforeseen events, while also providing a mechanism for investors to participate in the growth of the ecosystem. As the ecosystem evolves and grows, the mechanism for pricing and creating INT3RCOIN will continue to be refined and optimized.

Polygon Contract: 0xED9028Cd7d59B03475190e5b7406c3d5Ba1361C8

To buy INT3RCOIN, Matic will be required. Please buy Matic token on Polygon via the INT3RDEX link below.

the -WHY-

Int3rPlanetary Goals & Objectives

The goals and objectives of the Int3rPlanetary DAO and Ecosystem are to create a decentralized and member-governed social-economic ecosystem that provides decentralized applications and services, supports the mission of the Order of the Artisans, protects human data, imagination, and liberty, and promotes the values of Artisans.

the -WHAT-

Int3rPlanetary Business Capabilities

Business capabilities are the key building blocks of a successful organization. They define what an organization is capable of doing, and they form the foundation for its ability to achieve its goals. Without well-defined business capabilities, confusion, inefficiencies, and missed opportunities increase.

the -HOW-

Int3rPlanetary Programs

Please note that all token and NFT holders who purchase during the current phase (seed phase 1) are helping to seed fund our programs, and will be provided with first access to our soft launch planned for Q4 2023. Thank you for your support in helping us build a better future for all!

How do we secure humanity’s journey to the stars, embracing the vast possibilities that lie ahead despite the struggles and challenges we have faced as a planet? With the future of Earth hanging in the balance, it is imperative that we act now to bring purposeful, imaginative, and values-driven life to the unknown. While this vision may seem far off in the future, the foundation must be laid now. Amidst the turmoil and transformation of evolution, it is crucial that we take action now to ensure a just, imaginative, adventurous, and values-driven future for humanity and possibly the cosmos. The time to start is now, and the “How” is below:

Program: IPMP

Int3rPlanetary MarketPlace (IPMP)

IPMP is a decentralized and community-driven platform that serves as a hub for artisans, professionals, charities, and crowdfunding initiatives to sell their products and services within the Int3rPlanetary ecosystem. IPMP is designed to be inclusive and flexible, allowing for the creation of sub-DAOs to better serve specific participants and cohorts. As a core component of the Int3rPlanetary DAO and ecosystem, the IPMP promotes the values of the Order of the Artisans and provides decentralized solutions to ensure that the ecosystem operates in a fair and sustainable manner.

IPMP Polygon Contract: 0xB8d6A4cd757EEB2175EFB3B357de37D9FD503678

To buy INT3RCOIN, Matic will be required. Please buy Matic token on Polygon via the INT3RDEX link below.

Program: IP2RS

The Int3rPlanetary Project Resources System (IP2RS)

The Int3rPlanetary Project Resources System (IP2RS) is a decentralized platform within the Int3rPlanetary ecosystem that connects small ethical artisan businesses (SEABs) and professionals with potential clients and projects. IP2RS is designed to promote ethical and sustainable business practices, while also fostering collaboration and innovation. The system interoperates with IPMP, allowing SEABs and professionals to list their profiles and showcase their skills and experience to a wider audience. IP2RS also encourages the formation of sub-categories, such as Small Ethical Artisan Farms (SEAFs) and Small Ethical Artisan Consultants (SEACs), which can be created through voting within the Int3rPlanetary DAO. Overall, IP2RS is a valuable resource for anyone looking to connect with ethical and sustainable businesses and professionals within the Int3rPlanetary ecosystem.

IPMP Polygon Contract: In Progress

To buy INT3RCOIN, Matic will be required. Please buy Matic token on Polygon via the INT3RDEX link below.

Program: IPNN

Int3rPlanetary News & alerts Network (IPNN)

The Int3rPlanetary News Network (IPNN) is a decentralized platform built for ecosystem journalists and writers to publish news, alerts, and opinion pieces to the ecosystem. Access to IPNN is governed by the InkwellDAO, a sub-DAO of the Int3rPlanetary DAO responsible for verifying and publishing articles. InkwellDAO members must focus on journalism and uphold journalistic integrity. Amateur journalists are also welcome to submit articles for publication, with incentives for valuable contributions. With a focus on decentralization and integrity, IPNN is a crucial part of the Int3rPlanetary ecosystem’s commitment to promoting open communication and transparency.

IPNN Polygon Contract: Pending release