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Web3 authentication, NFT-based digital and IRL product marketplace, news and stories, inclusive and community driven Artisan Network, decentralized DAO voting, and working towards the decentralization and protection of human data, imagination and liberty via interplanetary means. Buy, Support, Be Artisan | the Future is Artisan. Support our sponsor The Order of the Artisans Foundation, and support Int3rPlanetary by becoming a DAO member and helping build the future.


& Stories

And They Came for Man.

The Anunnaki have always been known for their love of funny creatures. They believe that humans are …

Why We Need to Break the Cycle of Consumerism

The world is going through a period of intense crisis. Many of the things we take for granted are no…

People Are Creating Absurd NFTs to Try and Fix the Market

NFTs are down. Crypto is down. So what has the Web3 community been up to? Meme-ing, apparently. In t…

Welcome to Int3rPlanetary! The worlds first decentralized, 501c3 commissioned*, DAO governed ecosystem for STEAM Artisans, professionals, and their Patrons. Please use a secondary wallet until 3rd party assessments occur. Also, for IOS access, use a decentralized web browser (e.g. MetaMask, Coinbase, etc. #DYOR #0Trust). *All fees are donations to the Order of the Artisans Foundation. Learn more!