And They Came for Man.

The Anunnaki have always been known for their love of funny creatures. They believe that humans are the funniest creatures in the galaxy, and that is why they have chosen to breed them for their intergalactic pet competition. The Anunnaki have always had a talent for manipulating difficult beasts, and many years ago they proved it by perfecting the methodology. This story is happening now. How are the humans fighting back against their oppressors, and how will they win their freedom? Will the humans stay the course? Stay courageous! Stay hopeful and determined to ensure their children do not inherit oppression as a birthright. No matter how difficult the odds may seem, don’t give up human, for there is love on your side. So stand up and fight back, because they are coming for you all.

I . Lube & Credits

Olive awoke to the stomping on the floor above, as she did every morning. “Stupid pets!” she stated grumpily, “I can’t believe some people are volunteering to that stupid show, don’t they have any pride! Just because they give you a few extra credits” she exclaimed as she shook her head. Olive’s line of work didn’t exactly give her a lot of credits to spend and she really couldn’t afford to be wasting her time on something so frivolous. But, then again, maybe that was why the Anunnaki picked her for the job. They knew she was desperate.

Olive quickly got out of bed, throwing on her overalls and grabbing her work gloves on the way out the door. She had a long day ahead of her and she didn’t want to waste any time.

The first thing she did was check on the pets on her list. “Pets” is the name some give the humans who volunteer to be in the Anunnaki’s pet competition. The Anunnaki have been breeding humans since the first 2. Fortunately, the Anunnaki believe that even though humans sole purpose was to be pranced around, they also believed that all creatures deserved to live as free as their intellect allowed them, e.g. can’t be a pet if you’re too smart, so stay in school kids. Unfortunately for Olive, she was just smart enough to be a groomer, so she spends her day visiting pets, and making sure they are well feed, alive, and that their sex bot and VR implants are operational. “Lube in the basket, and I AM DONE!” Olive exclaimed “what a horrible day… and what’s was up with Chad? He know he can’t grab me like that… one more time, and I’ll have to report him” she murmured to herself, “now, time for some dinner!” she stated to herself excitingly.

She walked into her apartment, and headed straight for the food processor. “I’ll have the usual” she said as she placed her hand on the scanner. The machine whirred to life, and in less than a minute, she had a steaming bowl of gruel. “Not the best tasting stuff, but it’s nutritious and made by humans” she thought to herself as she took her first bite.

After dinner, Olive decided to take a bath. She hadn’t been feeling too well lately, and she wanted to relax. She filled up the tub with hot water, and added some lavender oil to help her sleep. As she was getting in, she noticed a rash on her arm. “That’s weird” she thought to herself, “I don’t remember getting that there.” She decided to ignore it, and enjoy her bath.

As she was lying in the tub, she started to feel lightheaded. The next thing she knew, she was waking up in a dark room. She couldn’t see anything, and she had no idea where she was. She tried to stand up, but she couldn’t move. Suddenly, a bright light appeared in front of her, and she saw the face of an Anunnaki.

Why We Need to Break the Cycle of Consumerism

The world is going through a period of intense crisis. Many of the things we take for granted are no longer the same. The environment is degrading at an alarming rate and natural resources are fast running out. In the current scenario, we need to change our outlook on life and start living in a more sustainable manner. The good news is that more people are now becoming aware of these issues, and this has led to a massive resurgence in conscious consumerism and eco-friendly practices. People have begun making more sustainable choices and incorporating these values into their day-to-day lives. This article will explore why you should break the cycle of consumerism, how you can do so, and why it’s important.

What is Consumerism?

Consumerism is a socio-economic ideology that encourages consumers to purchase goods and services in increasing amounts. It’s the idea that people should buy more goods and services, irrespective of whether they need or could afford them. This concept is based on the idea that the best way to achieve economic growth is to encourage people to consume more. This ideology is used as a basis for government economic policies in many countries. In today’s society, consumerism is having a massive impact on the environment and natural resources. The amount of waste produced by consumers is reaching unsustainable levels. The global demand for raw materials is also increasing at an alarming rate, which is creating issues with sustainability.

The Consequences of Consumerism

There are many negative consequences of consumerism. In order to understand the necessity of breaking the cycle of consumerism, it is essential to first understand the consequences of consumerism. Consumerism has led to an increase in pollution, consumption of natural resources, and production of waste. While this may sound like a good thing, it is actually having a devastating effect on the environment. This growing amount of waste is being stored in landfills, where it is leaking harmful gases into the atmosphere, such as methane and carbon monoxide. These gases are contributing to climate change because they trap heat in the atmosphere. This is causing extreme weather conditions and rising sea levels. Consumerism has also led to the extinction of animal species. As more animals become endangered, they are put on the extinction list. This means that they are nearing extinction and are at risk of dying out completely.

How to Break the Cycle of Consumerism

Breaking the cycle of consumerism isn’t easy, but it is essential. Here are a few things you can do to break the cycle of consumerism. – Be mindful of your shopping – It’s easy to shop mindlessly, but you need to be careful to avoid overspending. Make a list and stick to it, and avoid impulse purchases. You can also try shopping online so you don’t get tempted to buy things in the store. – Reduce your overall consumption – Being more conscious of your consumption is a good way to reduce your overall consumption. For example, when you use electricity, turn off appliances when not in use. You can also try carpooling or taking a bus to work, which will reduce your carbon footprint. – Reduce your waste – Recycling is great, but it’s better to reduce your waste before it even gets to the recycling plant. Avoid single-use items that create a lot of waste, such as paper cups and plastic bags.

Why Breaking the Cycle of Consumerism Is Important

We are currently in an unsustainable state, and it’s only getting worse. We have come to a point where consumers are over-consuming goods and services, which is leading to a massive amount of pollution and waste. If we don’t change our current state, the world is going to become increasingly uninhabitable. Now is the time to change our ways. We need to transition into a more sustainable state and break the cycle of consumerism. This will help to save the environment and enable us to live more sustainably. If we don’t make this transition, the consequences will be disastrous. Natural resources will run out, pollution will increase, and climate change will worsen, resulting in a planet that is uninhabitable.


Consumerism leads to a lot of waste, which is a problem for the environment. In order to transition into a more sustainable way of living and break the cycle of consumerism, individuals need to make some changes. You should be mindful of your shopping habits and reduce your overall consumption. You can also reduce your waste by recycling and avoiding single-use items that create a lot of waste. It’s time to break the cycle of consumerism and create a more sustainable world.

A Quick Guide to Buying and Trading Crypto with MetaMask

Did you know that you can store and trade dozens of digital tokens from the comfort of your browser? If you have no idea what we’re talking about, read on. This beginner’s guide to buying and trading crypto with MetaMask will help you get familiar with digital currencies like Ethereum, so that you can start investing in them easily and securely. We understand that when it comes to investing in something as new and experimental as digital tokens, many people cringe at the thought of diving in headfirst. However, if you take it one step at a time, buy-and-sell crypto with MetaMaskand invest responsibly, there’s nothing to fear. The world of cryptocurrency is an exciting frontier that opens up new opportunities for savvy investors willing to take a leap of faith.

What Is MetaMask?

MetaMask is an Ethereum web browser extension that acts as a crypto wallet and lets you buy and sell crypto tokens with ease. Basically, it’s a digital wallet that you can use to store and trade cryptocurrencies right in your browser. If you want to know how to buy and sell crypto with MetaMask, you’re in the right place. The best thing about MetaMask is that it’s extremely easy to use, fast to set up, and makes investing in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (as well as other alt coins) much more accessible to beginners. With MetaMask, you don’t have to download any software or apps. Instead, you can use it right from your browser. In order to use MetaMask, all you have to do is install the extension to your browser and create a secure password. After that, you can deposit funds into your MetaMask wallet and start trading.

How to Get Started With MetaMask

To get started, head over to and follow these quick steps to install and set up your wallet: Click on the “Get Free MetaMask” button. Fill out the quick form with your name, email address, and click “Continue”. Click “Accept” to accept the Terms of Service. Click “Install” to download the browser extension to your computer. Click “Create New Wallet” and create a secure password. Click “Open Wallet” and you’re set to go!

Buying Crypto with Ethereum Using MetaMask

If you’re looking to invest in Ethereum (one of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there), you can do so easily with MetaMask. All you have to do is transfer funds from your bank account or credit card directly into your MetaMask wallet. Once you’ve got some crypto in your wallet, you can trade it for other tokens or sell it for cash. Crypto exchanges are a popular way of buying and selling digital tokens, and they’re the central focus of this article. You can use exchanges to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more. Once you have some funds in your MetaMask wallet, you can click the “BUY” button and choose the type and quantity of crypto tokens you’d like to buy. At this point, you’ll be directed to an exchange where you can buy Ethereum with your credit card or transfer funds from your bank account. Once you’ve selected your desired payment method, you’ll be prompted to enter your payment information. Once you’ve submitted your payment details, the transaction will be processed and the tokens you’ve purchased will be transferred directly to your wallet.

Installing and Using MetaMask

Now that you know how to buy and sell crypto with MetaMask, let’s discuss how to install and use the wallet. Once you’ve installed the browser extension, log in to your wallet and click on the “BUY” button. Click on “Token Sale” and a list of upcoming token sale opportunities will pop up. Click on the token you’d like to buy and review the token purchase details. Click “Next” and the transaction will be processed.

Getting started
  1. Install MetaMask mobile at
  2. Open the MetaMask mobile app and select ‘Sync or Import’ > ‘Scan QR code’.
  3. Log into your MetaMask extension.
  4. Click Settings > Advanced > Sync with Mobile. You’ll see a QR code.
  5. Scan this QR code with your MetaMask mobile app (see step #2).


This article was written with the intention of helping beginners get familiar with the world of cryptocurrency and digital tokens. We understand that the entire scene can seem daunting and overly technical to someone just getting started, so we’ve done our best to explain it in plain English. If you’re interested in investing in crypto, you should start out with a small amount and try not to get too carried away with the hype. Remember to stay realistic, and don’t put too much money into the market at once. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and have learned a thing or two about how to buy and sell crypto with MetaMask, so you can get started on your crypto investment journey today.

Note: This article has been written with AI assistance. The article is not advice, and it is meant to be followed up with more research.