The Anunnaki have always been known for their love of funny creatures. They believe that humans are the funniest creatures in the galaxy, and that is why they have chosen to breed them for their intergalactic pet competition. The Anunnaki have always had a talent for manipulating difficult beasts, and many years ago they proved it by perfecting the methodology. This story is happening now. How are the humans fighting back against their oppressors, and how will they win their freedom? Will the humans stay the course? Stay courageous! Stay hopeful and determined to ensure their children do not inherit oppression as a birthright. No matter how difficult the odds may seem, don’t give up human, for there is love on your side. So stand up and fight back, because they are coming for you all.

I . Lube & Credits

Olive awoke to the stomping on the floor above, as she did every morning. “Stupid pets!” she stated grumpily, “I can’t believe some people are volunteering to that stupid show, don’t they have any pride! Just because they give you a few extra credits” she exclaimed as she shook her head. Olive’s line of work didn’t exactly give her a lot of credits to spend and she really couldn’t afford to be wasting her time on something so frivolous. But, then again, maybe that was why the Anunnaki picked her for the job. They knew she was desperate.

Olive quickly got out of bed, throwing on her overalls and grabbing her work gloves on the way out the door. She had a long day ahead of her and she didn’t want to waste any time.

The first thing she did was check on the pets on her list. “Pets” is the name some give the humans who volunteer to be in the Anunnaki’s pet competition. The Anunnaki have been breeding humans since the first 2. Fortunately, the Anunnaki believe that even though humans sole purpose was to be pranced around, they also believed that all creatures deserved to live as free as their intellect allowed them, e.g. can’t be a pet if you’re too smart, so stay in school kids. Unfortunately for Olive, she was just smart enough to be a groomer, so she spends her day visiting pets, and making sure they are well feed, alive, and that their sex bot and VR implants are operational. “Lube in the basket, and I AM DONE!” Olive exclaimed “what a horrible day… and what’s was up with Chad? He know he can’t grab me like that… one more time, and I’ll have to report him” she murmured to herself, “now, time for some dinner!” she stated to herself excitingly.

She walked into her apartment, and headed straight for the food processor. “I’ll have the usual” she said as she placed her hand on the scanner. The machine whirred to life, and in less than a minute, she had a steaming bowl of gruel. “Not the best tasting stuff, but it’s nutritious and made by humans” she thought to herself as she took her first bite.

After dinner, Olive decided to take a bath. She hadn’t been feeling too well lately, and she wanted to relax. She filled up the tub with hot water, and added some lavender oil to help her sleep. As she was getting in, she noticed a rash on her arm. “That’s weird” she thought to herself, “I don’t remember getting that there.” She decided to ignore it, and enjoy her bath.

As she was lying in the tub, she started to feel lightheaded. The next thing she knew, she was waking up in a dark room. She couldn’t see anything, and she had no idea where she was. She tried to stand up, but she couldn’t move. Suddenly, a bright light appeared in front of her, and she saw the face of an Anunnaki.