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Int3rPlanetary CROWDraisinG

All support provided by contributors grants membership, and all members will share in ALL value attained via these programs and projects equivalent to their financial and labor support. Ownership will be defined and provided after legal and financial assessments and requirements have been satisfied.


Int3rPlanetary Funding

Support All Int3rPlanetary Programs and Become a Member to Co-Build the Future!

IPNN Funding

Support the Inkwell DAO in building The Int3rPlanetary News & alerts Network

MarketPlace Funding

Support Int3rPlanetary in building the Int3rPlanetary MarketPlace (IPMP)

Treasury Funding

Support the Muzakkian DAO in building the Int3rPlanetary Social Financial System (IPSFS)


Support AIPTECH in building the Int3rPlanetary Drone-Node Network (IPDN2)

IP2RS Funding

Support InterPlanetary in building the Int3rPlanetary Project Resources System

RS3 Funding

Support Brickell Technology with the Residential Self-Sustainability System R&D

Patron Farming Funding

Support the Order of the Artisans with the Patron Farming initiative

Muzakkian CROWDraising

Visit the Muzakkian Social Financial Program page to learn more!

Muzakkian Orphan Initiative

While we may not be able to extend our help to everyone, we firmly believe that each one of us possesses the ability to create a profound and lasting impact. You have the opportunity to transform the life of a young orphan by providing them with vital essentials such as food, education, healthcare, and clothing, all with a monthly contribution of just $30. Our current focus areas are in Africa and Central Asia, and our vision is to extend our reach to support orphaned children in need across all regions.


Muzakkian Weekly Giver Club

Join the Muzakkian Weekly Giver Club, where you can emulate the noble teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings upon him) by contributing to those in need regularly. Your consistent support, even in small amounts, is immensely beloved to God. Become part of a community that embodies the spirit of giving and compassion.


Muzakkian Family Emergency Funding Initiative

Muzakkian Family Emergency Funding Initiative, a compassionate effort aimed at helping families facing unexpected crises and financial emergencies. Your contribution can be a lifeline for those in need during challenging times. Together, we can provide immediate assistance and relief to those experiencing hardship


Zero-Interest Short-Term Loans Program

Support Muzakkian's Zero-Interest Short-Term Loans Program to help us continue funding interest-free loans that empower individuals to manage their financial needs responsibly. Your contribution not only fuels this ethical financing solution but also enables us to extend loan forgiveness to those in genuine need. Join us in making a difference through ethical lending and financial support.


The “Fractured Chains” Series

Crowdfund & COLLABORATE via DAO Membership

Support the creation of “Fractured Chains,” a thought-provoking sci-fi narrative, and be part of reshaping the future. Contribute to our crowdfunding campaign today and help unveil the truth behind a world controlled by corporations. This series is supported and sponsored by the Inkwell DAO and the Order of the Artisans Foundation.

All donations and charitable activities within the Int3rPlanetary DAO & Ecosystem are managed and processed by the Order of the Artisans Foundation.