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DAO Services

Int3rPlanetary DashBoard

Dev backlog voting (Custom DApp on Polygon network), DeFi services, and more to come! Oh, and DUKLS. AI small ethical Artisan business services in progress…

Int3rPlanetary DAO Voting

Tier 1 (All) Voting Interface. Currently hosted via Tally DAO, and deployed / decentralized on the Polygon network.

Welcome to Int3rPlanetary! The worlds first decentralized, 501c3 commissioned*, DAO governed ecosystem for STEAM Artisans, professionals, and their Patrons. Please use a secondary wallet until 3rd party assessments occur. Also, for IOS access, use a decentralized web browser (e.g. MetaMask, Coinbase, etc. #DYOR #0Trust). *All fees are donations to the Order of the Artisans Foundation. Learn more!