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About the Int3rPlanetary DAO

The Int3rPlanetary DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is the decentralized platform that helps govern, build and operate the Int3rPlanetary ecosystem via voting. Artisans and their Patrons can vote on proposals submitted by other community members. It’s also possible to submit proposals for the Int3rPlanetary DAO – these can range from governance issues, to content suggestions for the website, or even making suggestions about how we do our marketing!

Int3rPlanetary DAO Mission and Roadmap

Must be a an Int3rPlanetary DAO member to access DAO services.

Int3Planetary DAO Beta Dashboard

For what? DAO governance, decentralized and tip based News and Alerts, and DUKLS!... Collect DUKLS & Win Artisan Gifts from the Order of the Artisans Foundation!

The democratic technology and artisanship focused ecosystem of the future.

Int3rplanetary is a DAO that has been created out of the necessity for change. We are building an ecosystem with a focus on mutual progress and liberty, where Artisans of all trades (from technology professionals to hot sauce makers) and their Patrons, can come and together and commerce, communicate and work together on their own terms.

No borders, no boundaries – just progress

We are not bound by traditional ways of governing, we are not bound by traditional ways of working. We do not believe in borders for people or for value creation. We believe in progress.

We are building a decentralized and interplanetary platform with the mission of supporting support small ethical Artisan businesses and self-sustainability through the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology, voting, web3 integration, virtual & IRL product NFT marketplace, news, social network, and much more!

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