Joining the Int3rPlanetary DAO

via Int3rPlanetaryDAO_grp1 NFT Purchase: #

How-to video in progress. If you require assistance with creating a MetaMask crypto wallet, we are providing support via scheduled classes and individually. Donation to our sponsor greatly appreciated!

The purchase of the int3rPlanetaryDAO_grp1 NFT will provide you access to the DAO (beta) and it’s services:

  1. Voting DApp,
  2. Image-style DAO news posting DApp with tipping feature,
  3. DUKL collecting DAPP w/ leaderboard for raffles and gifts for participation in DAO governance,
  4. DeFi tools

Note: The Int3rPlanetaryDAO environment is in beta, and features have been depreciated that are still listed on the Dashboard’s navigation bar.

For support, please send an message to @doc @commander @mike

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