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Int3rPlanetary DAO & Ecosystem

AIPTech's Role in Int3rPlanetary:

AIPTech collaborates closely with Brickell Technology to build the IT backbone of the Int3rPlanetary ecosystem. Together, they design, develop, and maintain the intricate systems that drive our decentralized, community-focused platform. AIPTech's expertise in material science, life support, energy, water, agriculture, and space technologies ensures the ecosystem's sustainability and resilience across interplanetary frontiers. By harnessing advanced technological solutions, AIPTech empowers Int3rPlanetary to fulfill its mission of fostering ethical businesses, self-sustainability, and knowledge-driven progress in a rapidly evolving universe.

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Material Sciences R&D

Innovate materials for a sustainable future on Earth and beyond.

Life Support Systems R&D

Develop life-critical technologies for space and Earth habitats.

Energy, Water & Agricultural Technologies R&D

Advance key resources for self-sustaining communities.

Space Systems R&D

Drive innovations in space exploration, transportation, and infrastructure.


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August 22, 2023
Chemical exfoliation of graphene worked!

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Crafting Open-Source Innovations for an Interplanetary Future

At AIPTech, our mission is to forge open-source technologies that pave the way for a decentralized, interplanetary social-economy of enhanced possibilities. Through strategic modularity, automation, and seamless interoperation of our technological components, we are constructing an ecosystem that not only deters negative influences but also amplifies human potential in domains like business management and self-sustainability. Our vision encourages and empowers small ethical artisan businesses, their workforce, and supporters. Dream, create, innovate – for in our journey, the future is artisan.


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