Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture is an analytical discipline that provides methods to comprehensively define, organize, standardize, and document an organization’s structure and interrelationships in terms of certain critical business domains characterizing the entity under analysis.

Business Architecture

Business Architecture (BizArch v. BA (Business Analysis)) is a discipline that "represents holistic, multidimensional business views of: capabilities, end‐to‐end value delivery, information, and organizational structure; and the relationships among these business views and strategies, products, policies, initiatives, and stakeholders.

Agile / Kanban PM

Agile project management is an iterative approach to managing software development projects that focuses on continuous releases and incorporating customer feedback with every iteration. Kanban builds a continuous delivery model where teams release value as soon as they are ready, while Scrum organizes work in Sprints.


DevSecOps stands for development, security, and operations. It's an approach to culture, automation, and platform design that integrates security as a shared responsibility throughout the entire IT lifecycle.


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September 24, 2022
Quick and dirty dapp!



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