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Order of the Artisans Foundation

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Order of the Artisans - Empowering Creativity and Commerce

Welcome to the Order of the Artisans, the creative heart of the Int3rPlanetary DAO & Ecosystem. As commissioners of this dynamic platform, our role is to ignite a flourishing community of artisans, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. We take pride in fostering a marketplace where innovative ideas are brought to life and shared with the world.


Our Role:

1- Commissioners of Creativity: We hold the responsibility of curating and fostering a diverse ecosystem of talented artisans, innovators, and creators. Our aim is to provide a space where each member can showcase their unique skills and products, contributing to the enrichment of the Int3rPlanetary community.

2- Promoters of Ethical Commerce: We actively advocate for ethical and sustainable business practices. Our role includes setting standards for products and services offered within the ecosystem, ensuring that every transaction adheres to principles of fairness, transparency, and social responsibility.

3- Catalysts of Collaboration: Collaboration is at the core of our mission. We facilitate partnerships among members to enable cross-disciplinary innovation and encourage mutual growth. By nurturing a spirit of cooperation, we aim to amplify the impact of each artisan's work.

4- Creators of Opportunity: Our shop within the ecosystem serves as a platform for artisans to present their products to a global audience. Through this, we contribute to the livelihoods of our members while offering customers access to a wide range of high-quality, ethically produced goods.


Our Vision:

As the Order of the Artisans, we envision a future where creativity and commerce go hand in hand, driving positive change and shaping a more vibrant, sustainable world. Our commitment to fostering innovation, ethical business practices, and collaborative endeavors is what drives us forward. Join us in our journey to craft a better tomorrow through creativity and commerce.

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August 22, 2023
Super helpful!

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Order of the Artisans Foundation

About Order of the Artisans:

At the Order of the Artisans Foundation, we envision a world where artisans play a pivotal role in shaping a progressive and equitable future. As a 501c3 private operating foundation headquartered in Haymarket, Virginia, we are committed to driving positive change through our innovative initiatives.



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