The Muzakkian SFS DAO

Empowering Humanity Through Social Finance & Collaboration

Rooted in Sharia compliance, as a DAO of Int3rPlanetary, our programs bear the torch of positive transformation for our members, their communities, and humanity. With steadfast resolve, we dedicate ourselves to sparking profound change. Our driving force is a vision that melds compassion and strength, forging a realm where these pillars stand united. Immerse yourself in our diverse range of impactful social welfare programs and ethical financial initiatives, carving the bedrock for a future brimming with equity and empowerment.

Muzakkian Social Financial Services

At Muzakkian, we are dedicated to empowering the humanity through innovative and ethical financial solutions. Our Social Financial Services offer a unique blend of modern finance and Islamic values, providing a platform for community members to support one another and build a stronger, more prosperous future together.

Zero-interest Financing

Experience zero-interest financing solutions that adhere to Islamic and moral principles, providing you with short-term loans designed to meet your needs .

The Muzakkian Card

Are you ready for a financial experience that aligns with your values? The Muzakkian Card is coming soon, and it’s designed with your financial well-being in mind.

Support Muzakkian

Discover and support the heart of our community initiatives. Explore our programs designed to empower and uplift our members and their communities.

Mudaraba Ummah Venture Endowment (MUVE) Fund

The MUVE Fund is a groundbreaking financial concept rooted in Islamic finance principles. Operating as an endowment fund, it specializes in long-term, ethical investments aligned with Shariah law. The fund aims to promote sustainable financial growth while steering clear of interest-based income.

Key Features of the MUVE Fund:

  1. Mudaraba Structure: We adhere to the Mudaraba model, where investors (Rabb-ul-Mal) provide capital, and skilled entrepreneurs (Mudarib) manage business ventures. Profits are shared, and investors bear losses unless there’s negligence on the part of the Mudarib.
  2. Community-Centric: The MUVE Fund targets investments that directly benefit the Ummah, the global Muslim community, promoting economic development while staying true to Islamic values.
  3. Ethical Investments: All our investments strictly adhere to Shariah law, emphasizing social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and ethical business practices.
  4. Long-Term Vision: The MUVE Fund is designed for the long haul, aspiring to create enduring value and benefits for the Ummah.
  5. Inclusivity and Accessibility: We encourage a diverse group of investors and stakeholders from within the Muslim community to participate, fostering collective economic empowerment.

The MUVE Fund represents a fusion of traditional Islamic finance principles with a forward-thinking investment strategy. It serves as a platform for ethical, community-driven financial growth, ushering in a new era of financial stewardship for the Ummah.

Muzakkian SFS DAO

Membership Tiers & Benefits:

Please be aware that our membership enrollments are temporarily on hold. However, those who actively support our existing programs and initiatives will receive priority access to the membership onboarding process and be eligible for our interest-free loans once memberships reopen. You can demonstrate your support by contributing to the Sadaha forms available on our Muzakkian pages. Your contributions will automatically add you to the waitlist for membership consideration.

Tiered Borrowing Privileges:

Unlock exclusive borrowing privileges based on your membership tier, including longer repayment periods, higher credit limits, and priority access to loans.

Free Int3rPlanetary DAO & Ecosystem Membership:

As a Muzakkian member, you also gain free access to the Int3rPlanetary DAO & Ecosystem, where you can explore a range of financial and technological solutions designed to empower the global Muslim community.

Streamlined Loan Management:

Currently, loans and repayments can be facilitated through your Int3rPlanetary wallet or traditional bank transfers. We are actively developing the Qard Card, an innovative solution that will allow you to access Muzakkian funds more conveniently.

Accelerate Ummah Empowerment:

Your membership contributions, Sadaha, and referrals play a crucial role in accelerating the development of tools and services that empower our Ummah and strengthen our communities.