12 Year Barrel Aged Cuban Sriracha

Reserve Cuban Sriracha: A Culinary Masterpiece from PepperJelly Co.

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Experience the extraordinary with the Order of the Artisans Foundation’s exclusive offering – the Reserve Cuban Sriracha, a rare culinary gem crafted by the renowned PepperJelly Co. of Miami, Florida. This exquisite hot sauce is the result of a visionary project that began in 2011, capturing the hearts of food enthusiasts through a successful crowdfunding journey.

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The Story:

PepperJelly Co., established in 2011 in Miami, Florida, began as a crowdfunded project that quickly garnered acclaim for its innovative approach to traditional hot sauces. The success of this project led to the evolution of PepperJelly Co. into the Order of the Artisans Foundation, an entity dedicated to nurturing and promoting the ethos of ethical artisan craftsmanship.

The Essence:

Aged Perfection: Meticulously aged for 12 years in oak barrels, this Cuban Sriracha is a testament to patience and artisanal excellence.

Unique Flavor Profile: The oak aging process imparts a depth of flavor that is unmatched, blending the fiery zest of Sriracha with a smooth, woody essence.

Ethical Artisanship: Born from a company that transformed into a foundation, this sauce embodies the philosophy of small, ethical artisan businesses – a core value that the Order of the Artisans advocates passionately.

The Legacy:

The Reserve Cuban Sriracha is not just a sauce; it’s a legacy of dedication and a tribute to the artisanal spirit. Currently, our cherished oak barrel, a guardian of flavor and time, is being prepared to release its contents. Soon, we will be bottling this limited edition ‘Reserve Cuban Sriracha’ – a treasure for connoisseurs and a celebration of artisanal mastery.

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We invite you to join our waitlist to be among the first to experience this unparalleled flavor journey. Embrace the essence of artisanal excellence with the Reserve Cuban Sriracha.

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