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The dukls wobbled across the moons surface, seeking yum yums, but to their dismay, their beaks were stopped by the glass.

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This NFT for “Springflock22” will will provide the owner access to a @ cost Muscovy duck egg subscription (avail. approx. Oct22), title of Patron Farmer of the Order of the Artisans, as well as future access to the InterPlanetary MarketPlace (IPMP) and all ecosystem DAOs, tools and services. #ArtisanFarms #OrderoftheArtisans #BuySupportBeArtisan | #TheFutureisArtisan Details: 1 DUKLS NFT = 1 laying Muscovy duck in value + 1 year of cost to sustain a duck: 1 Muscovy duck: $60 (approx. US / 022022) 1 Muscovy duck feed per year: $40 (approx. US / 022022) NFT value $100 (approx. US / 022022). Patron Artisan program access is transferred up NFT resale. The Patron Farmer program is an Order of the Artisans initiative, and may be terminated, limited, or updated by the foundation at any time. At the minting of this ERC1155 NFT, the size of Artisan Farm 1 is 2.6644 acers with small test flock. All sales are final, and ducks may be claimed in person.


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