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Int3rPlanetary DAO group 1 membership. Ecosystem status: beta Group role: subscribers

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Int3rPlanetary DAO group 1 membership. Ecosystem status: beta Group role: subscribers

About the int3rPlanetary DAO

The Int3rPlanetary DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is the decentralized platform that helps govern, build and operate the Int3rPlanetary ecosystem via voting. Artisans and their Patrons can vote on proposals submitted by other community members. It’s also possible to submit proposals for the Int3rPlanetary DAO – these can range from governance issues, to content suggestions for the website, or even making suggestions about how we do our marketing!

About the int3rPlanetary Ecosystem

Int3rPlanetary offers a virtual hangout of sorts, where you can virtually slip off your space suit, take a load off, watch the news and social media feeds, listen to the latest tunes, get some work done, or just chat with like-minded folks. All Artisan and Patron governed. Free as possible, and always working towards making you the owner of your data, art, ideas, and future. Buy, Support, Be Artisan.

About the Sponsor, the Order of the Artisans (501c3)

The mission of the Order of the Artisans is to inspire human progress, equality and unity, to develop an international network of artisans, to disrupt unethical business, to develop an artisan-centric social-economic safety net and to implement community support initiatives where the need arises.


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Welcome to Int3rPlanetary! The worlds first decentralized, 501c3 commissioned*, DAO governed ecosystem for STEAM Artisans, professionals, and their Patrons. Please use a secondary wallet until 3rd party assessments occur. Also, for IOS access, use a decentralized web browser (e.g. MetaMask, Coinbase, etc. #DYOR #0Trust). *All fees are donations to the Order of the Artisans Foundation. Learn more!